BioLite BaseCharge 600 (EU)


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Product information "BioLite BaseCharge 600 (EU)"

A high capacity power station ready to keep you charged off-grid, the BaseCharge 600 delivers 622 watt hours of flexible energy to your own personalized ecosystem of devices for an on-grid experience wherever you may be. 

Access home-grade power in off-grid environments with the BioLite BaseCharge 600, a high-capacity li-ion power station that can be recharged from the wall, car, or through solar for complete energy independence. The Easy Read Smart LCD Dashboard provides real-time feedback on your system giving you a clear picture into runtimes and energy usage. The internal 12 checkpoint safety system constantly monitors the unit so you can share power to your network of devices with confidence and reliability. Perfect for personal electronics and family-scale needs, power laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, lights, routers, and more. 

- 622Wh = 25% more capacity than 500Wh power stations
- Up to 600W (1,000W surge) AC output, USB-C PD (100W) and Wireless Charging included
- Extra Large Easy-Read Display for real-time feedback and control
- Safe and Reliable design with BioLite 12 Checkpoint Safety System
- Integrates with BioLite Solar for full solar generator solution and utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to pull up to 30% more energy than non-MPPT systems
- Port Wall Includes: [2] 230V AC , [1] DC Car port, [2] DC Barrel Ports, [2] USB-A, [1] USB-C, [1] 100W USB-C PD 
- 230V AC Plug types: EU (type C)
- Wireless Charging deck cuts the cord entirely
- Resettable Energy Odometer tracks watt-hour usage across time and activitities
- Message Center provides instant direction on system performance and troubleshooting
- Pair with BioLite Solar Panel 100 (sold separately) for a fully independent solar generator system
- Maximum Power Point Tracking enabled to help you pull the most power possible when recharging through solar
- Charge up in as little as 3,5 hours
- Ideal for: Camping, mobile office, diy projects, temporary power outages

BATTERY: 622 Wh (21,6V; 28,8 Ah) / Li-Ion (NMC)
INPUTS: Wall/Solar Input (HPP, High Power Pole)with 120W (10-30V DC, 10A max), USB-C PD with 100W
CHARGE MANAGEMENT: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
AC OUTPUTS: 2x 230V 600W (EU 50Hz) with 1.000W Surge (Plug type: EU type C)
WIRELESS OUTPUT: 10W Wireless Charger
DC OUTPUTS: 1x 12V Carport Output with 120W, 2x 12V DC Barrel Ports with 120W (5,5mm/2,1mm) 
USB OUTPUTS: 2x USB-A: 5V/2,4A; 1x USB-C: 5V/3,0A; 1x USB-C PD: 5V, 9V, 12V, 20V / 5A (100W)
CHARGE TIME: to 80% 3,5 hrs (Wall charger + USB-C PD); 7 hrs (Wall charger only); 6 hrs (Peak solar input via BioLite SolarPanel 100)
DIMENSIONS: 309 x 200 x 201mm
WEIGHT: 5,9 kg
IN THE BOX: BaseCharge 600 Power Station, Instruction Manual, 90W AC Wall Adapter

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BaseCharge Accessories

BioLite SolarPanel 100
Highly Powerful, Highly PackableThe BioLite SolarPanel 100W is a 100 watt, lightweight, chainable solar panel that offers serious power and ultimate packability for your off-grid activity. The sleek ETFE laminated construction enables the high efficiency monocrystalline cells to run at peak performance without any unnecessary bulk or materials while simultaneously providing protection from surprise showers. Power devices directly through the integrated USB-A and USB-C PD ports or pair with the BioLite Power Station for a full solar generator solution. FEATURES- Optimal sun system sets panel up for direct rays via integrated sundial and kickstand- 594 cm² of surface area packs down to 50,8 x 36,3 x 3,8 cm with easy-carry handles - Durable and water resistant, with storage pouch for added protection - Works with BioLite or non-BioLite stations using a standard connector - Compatible with 4x1 chaining Adapter cable for up to 400W Solar Generator SPECSOUTPUT CONNECTORS- High Power Pole (HPP) Powerstation connection - USB-C PD with 45 W - 2x USB-A POWER OUTPUT- 100 W in Peak Sunshine DIMENSIONSFolded: 50,8 x 36,3 x 3,8 cmUnfolded: 50,8 x 146,0 x 2,5 cmWeight: 4,3 kg
BioLite BaseCharge Car Charging Cable 12V (3 m)
Charge up from your car port Adapter cable to allow charging BioLite BaseCharge powerstations from 12V carport (cigarette lighter) FEATURES- Power Capacity: 120 Watt - Connector Type: 1x Andersen Power Pole (APP) Output, 1x 12V Male Carport InputDIMENSIONSLength: 3 mWeight: 150 g
BioLite BaseCharge Solar MC4 to HPP Adapter Cable
Adapter cord for solar compatibilityAdapter cable to allow use of MC4 solar panel connectors with BioLite BaseCharge. Looking to pair a BioLite BaseCharge power station with a non-BioLite solar panel? If your panel features an MC4 connector, this adapter is for you. This cord adapts your panel to HPP compatibility, making it ready to work with BaseCharge. Note: check your Solar Panels specs to ensure voltage and wattage output are compatible with BioLite BaseCharge series. FEATURES- Power Capacity: up to 200W- Connector type: 1x Andersen Power Pole (APP) Output, 2x MC4 Connectors (+, -), Inputs SPECSLength: 200mmWeight: 60 g
BioLite BaseCharge Solar Power Extension Cable (4,5 m)
Extension Cable for BioLite SolarPanel 100 Looking to bridge some distance between your Solar Panel's sunny spot and where your BioLite BaseCharge powerstation is located? This extension cable will help you keep your power flowing. 4,5m long extension cable for use with BioLite SolarPanel 100 and BaseCharge series power stations. Anderson Power Pole (APP) connections on both ends. FEATURES- Power Capacity: Up to 400W - Connector Type: 1x Andersen Power Pole (APP) Output, 1x Andersen Power Pole (APP) Input SPECSLength: 4,57mWeight: 0,63 kg
BioLite BaseCharge Solar Chaining Cable 4x1
Adapter cable to allow up to 4 BioLite SolarPanel 100 products to connect to a single BaseCharge power stationLooking to concentrate your power generation from the sun? This adapter cable enables up to 4 BioLite SolarPanel 100 to connect to a single BaseCharge powerstation creating up to 400W of input for faster recharge times.FEATURES- Power Capacity: 100W to 400W- Connector Type: 1x Andersen Power Pole (APP) Output, 4x Andersen Power Pole (APP) Inputs DIMENSIONSLength: 200 mmWeight: 120 g